Welcome SBRS College For Women, Ghuduwala

The history of this college can be traced back to 2006, when Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji the most worshipful founder of S.B.R.S institutes established this College. That was the “me when women education was very much despised in remote area so Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji fulfilled the need of women education by providing the facility of this college in this area.

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President’s Message





S.B.R.S College for women is emerging as one of the top teaching institutions in the state of Punjab. As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard.
S.B.R.S College for women provides the stepping stone required by the women folk of the society to become successful Samaritans of this country. By amalgamating theoretical classroom teaching with laboratory training,


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AO’s Message (S. Davinder Singh)




I would like to take this opportunity to extend you an invitation to experience SBRS College for Women through our website that is especially designed for your perusal. “Education is not filling of a paid but the lighting of a fire”. this is followed very diligently & aptly of SBRS College, where the experienced & learned faculty utilize their skill to kindle the desire for learning which in turn enlightens the minds of our young students..
In SBRS College, where the students are encouraged to make use of the excellent infrastructure, learned staff, effective management and the conducive environment for their wholesome growth. Our management has strongly supported us in all our endeavors. SBRS College and takes pride in providing the society with well-behaved and disciplined students. Our ambience is very conductive for the
development. Both teachers and students have made combined efforts to take our college to new heights.
I must add that all this would not have been possible without the relentless support and encouragement of
the parent body as well.Wish you all the very best for your success in all aspects of life.

Principal’s Message

Learning takes place in colleges or college-like environment or in the world at large.

This college is offering its students opportunities for overall development, amid a disciplined and peaceful environment in multiple phases.
We are also committed to train our students by inculcating in them the qualities of confidence, dedication and intellectual honesty for becoming an asset for the country. If you decide to join us, I am confident that you will feel pride to be a part of this institution. Indeed this college has lot of reasons to be chosen for Under-graduate, and Post-graduate studies.


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